Shi Yan Ao

Shi Yan-Ao, the general coach of Shao-Shan Shaolin Temple Wushu Monks Group, was born in Henan, China. He practiced Shaolin martial arts with his father since his childhood, and later he followed the well-known master of Shaolin Boxing, Yang Gui-wu. He studied traditional Kungfu and learned the essence of Shaolin Kungfu. Then his destiny has brought him to the abbot of the Shaolin temple, Shi Yong-Xin, who was the master of the monks. He was given the syllabus as Shi Yan-Ao, has a deeper understanding and experience about Wushu Zen when he dedicated meditation and martial art in the temple. He has an accomplishment in the integration of Zen Wu Yi (meditation, martial art, medicine). Shi Yan-Ao is good at fist forms in many styles that passed down from ancient time at Shaolin temple, such as Xiao-tong-bi, Da-tong-bi, Xiao-hong-chui, Da-hong-chui, Luohan-shiba-shou, Xinyi-lao-chang-chui, Liuhe-chui, Pao-chui, Mei-qi-gun etc., he is a proficient in Ba-duanjin in Shaolin temple ancient style, Yi-Jinjing, Xi-sui-jing, Xinyi-ba, and so on the superior material arts. Moreover he is adept at Da-mo mianbi xin fa duanshi (fasting). In Shaolin Temple, he has demonstrated Shaolin Zhen-gong for many domestic and foreign leaders, have been to dozens of countries for a culture communication of meditation and martial art. Shi Yan-Ao is now the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Shaolin Temple. As the saying goes, “Ten years of practice is not as good as an instruction from a famous teacher”. Visiting a famous teacher to get the best instructions to improve your skills in a short time.