Shaolinbond Nederland informatie over scholen die zich bezighouden met het lesgeven in Shaolin Martial Arts (en aanverwante zaken).

Shaolin International FederationThe Shaolin International Federation was set up to meet the enormous demand from all parts of the world. It was founded in the early 90′s by Du Baihong (aka Shi Yan Bo, Asian & American department) and Joost Warsanis (aka Shi Yan Yu, European department). The main goal ….

Shaolin Kung Fu TrainingcenterThe Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center has been established for the purpose of bringing this great Chinese art into the 21st Century. At the Center, Shifu Hengxin, with Shimu Arlene demonstrate movements in great detail and take a personal interest in each student’s progress.

Fenghuang Martials Arts Almere

Shaolin Kung fu School in Almere